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Quality and Value are not mutually exclusive. These hats have been carefully designed and manufactured so that there is no compromise in the materials, the workmanship, the fit, or the styling. Because the world is getting smaller, Jaxon Hats is able to source the planet in an effort to bring customers headwear that meets the twin criteria of "Quality" and "Value". This is a new line, available at in both the Retail and Wholesale sections of the site. This line will grow considerably in the months and years ahead so, if you are a hat lover, be certain to revisit Jaxon Hats on a regular basis.

Jaxon Ivy Cap
Jaxon Cadet Cap
Jaxon Eight-quarter Cap
Jaxon Ivy Cap
Jaxon Ivy Cap
Jaxon Wool Diamond-crown
Jaxon Ivy Cap
Jaxon Ivy Cap
Jaxon Ivy Cap
Jaxon Detroit
Jaxon Iconclast
Jaxon Top Hat
Jaxon 19th Century Top Hat
Jaxon Pork Pie
Jaxon Wool Felt Derby
Jaxon Fur Felt Derby
Jaxon Crushable Aussie
Jaxon Crushable C-crown Fedora
Jaxon Crushable Pinch-front Fedora
Jaxon Blues
Jaxon Western Hat
Jaxon Summer Ivy Cap
Jaxon Eight-quarter Cotton Cap
Jaxon Houndstooth Spitfire
Jaxon Fur Felt Ascot
Jaxon Fur Felt C-crown Fedora
Jaxon Fur Felt Pork Pie
Jaxon Fur Felt Stingy-brim
Jaxon Corduroy Rex
Jaxon Herringbone Rex
Jaxon Wool Felt Godfather
Jaxon Wool Felt Ascot